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Thread: Well...I got the head on

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    Head Well...I got the head on

    Well....I managed to put the Frank Gorshin head on the leftover ZICA figure I had.

    I had sanded it too much, and had to wrap it in a few layers of masking tape but I got it attached.

    And about bloody time too!

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    I did the same thing with my Chris Reeve head. Glad it worked out for you!

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    It takes a bit of doing to turn the head, but it stays in place very well.


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    Interesting choice of a body for Frank. He was kind of spindly. Guess he's been doing some pushups???

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    Actually, it looks pretty good.

    And you're right about him being spindly. LOL.

    It was the only other male body I had, as I couldn't get the DM body restrung right!

    It kept moving into the pee-pee stane and wouldn't stand up straight!

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