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Thread: The Toy 1982 Richard Pryor

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    The Toy 1982 Richard Pryor

    watched last night on Antennatv loved it!

    look at all the Megos behind Richard Pryor!
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    Haven't seen it in such a long time, I remember it as being really funny.Isn't there a mego figure somewhere in it?

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    Wow funny you mentioned this movie cause I finally found it on dvd yesterday.

    This movie is special for me cause I went to see in the theatre on New Years Eve night 1982-83 with my parents, brother, aunt and uncle and cousins. Ill always remember that as a happy childhood experience ill never forget.

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    I loved it as a kid and I still enjoy it today. The WGSH display is also awesome. I know there is a screen capture pic here at the Museum somewhere. The best shot of the display is when Richard Pryor is in the big, inflatible squirrel cage thing.
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