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Thread: DC Direct... Goes Direct

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    DC Direct... Goes Direct

    Renamed DC Collectibles, selling online to consumers. Diamond probably won't be happy about this.

    DC Direct Goes Direct To Consumers As DC Collectibles, With Exclusives | Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

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    "At DC we aren't satisfied with honking off our fans who have stuck by us for decades. Now we're moving into royally screwing over our retail partners."


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    Unless it was a lot cheaper, I'd still rather buy them in stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boynightwing View Post
    Unless it was a lot cheaper, I'd still rather buy them in stores.
    They may very well be, as the SRP from DC hasn't been firmly set so as to allow retailer to get as close to keystone as possible.

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    Are the brick and mortar comic shops keeping the depth of stock in terms of statues or action figures they had previously though? In terms of bottom line, it seems many retailers have become a bit more risk averse about statues, props etc that might sit in a display case for a while waiting for the right customer to come along, rather than something that they can turn over quicker or take up less space. Many I know will special order with a deposit, but generally doesn't stock most dc direct statues and such.

    Makes sense to go direct to consumer as long as the customer sees some of the savings by cutting out potentially two layers of middle men. I really think breaking diamond's monopoly might not be a bad thing given how precarious the industry is left solely in their hands as it is.
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