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Thread: Hunger Games Barbie

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    yeah I would have assumed by now that someone in Hong Kong would have booted or made a 1/6 or at least the head for one of the characters from the first film by now? I saw some customs but nothing on the limited scale (like only 150 made, that sort of thing)
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    Hunger Games Barbie

    Quote Originally Posted by samurainoir View Post
    Is this the only Hunger Games related figure thus far announced?

    As with most Barbies, not a great likeness of the actress playing the character, but the $30 price point seems sold to me without the big jump to Hot Toys pricing and detail.

    So far this is the only Hunger Games Barbie announced but Barbie Collector site members should see some new sneak peeks at the end of April/first of May.

    As for actress likeness- of the available face molds this one is the best match- I do wish they had made one just for this doll but they didn't for the Twilight Bella dolls either.

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    Available for pre-order at Amazon for $29.95 with Free shipping. Barbie Collector Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Doll: Toys Games

    That'll save you the $7.95 shipping charge at barbiecollector.

    For those of you who have already ordered from barbiecollector, you can cancel those orders via e-mail or phone.
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