The title says it all. I purchased a beater 3" style Dragun figure from Tinkerbee in the marketplace for a very reasonable price (3 smackers). Most of you probably have seen these Mattel miniature figures before (well mini compared to their 2 foot tall counterparts). Likewise a slew of unofficial "shogun-esque" type of robots flooded the markets back then as well. Many of which were made to go in scale with the 3 3/4" size that Mattel provided for them.

Hence we have this still unnamed character. HE IS STILL IN THE EARLY stages of work. I wanted to make a knock off figure that might have appeared back then and how he would look. Certainly slightly modifying an existing character was very common with knock-off toys and that is no exception with this guy.

1. here is the figure from Tinkerbee, notice how the main spikes on his head are also broken off

2. I wanted to give him a new paint job, something with a bit more flash. The first step was to dremel off the already chipping away paint. I also left the blue lightning stripes and red line on his chest so he is not totally blank. I love that shine! I slightly touched him up with a silver leaf marker, but really 99% of that is the polished metal I got from removing the paint. I still might paint him with a silver sparkle mix. At this point I did not do anything yet to the arms or legs

3. I painted up the arms and legs with a mix of silver sparkle spray paint and the silver leaf marker. One of his leg joints broke and I had to fix this by inserting a metal pin (from a paper clip) into both the bottom of the leg and the other end at the joint. I then crazy glued to secure it fully. The picture below is how he looks at present

4. Since he is a bootleg and because the previous owner broke the spikes on his head, this gave me a chance to alter the head a little and avoid copyrights. On dvdr/cd spindle packs, sometimes the very top disc is covered with a clear, thin plastic piece (more so to protect the top disc). Using scissors I made three new spikes and put them at the top of his head and going straight down the back. The shogun robot (and enemy bots they fought) would have had a look like this. Spikes and such everywhere just looked cool. I gave the head a new paint job of red and you can see this below. The spikes were crazy glued on

My other ideas are to fully paint the body with the silver sparkle paint. Paint both fists and feet a new color. Add/create a removable backpack/jetback so he can "fly" and a few other goodies. The other goodies would have been pictured here, but my trip to the dollar store last week and what I saw that would be useful is no longer on the shelf this week. In the mean time the project is on hold, but more to come soon--