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Thread: New Foreign Mego - thought you should know

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjefferys View Post
    Is that chest piece real? I've never seen a pic of a complete Miura Leo before (outside of a vintage catalogue pic). Is this something that recently showed up?
    I took it from a vinyl kit.

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    OK, it looks good on him.

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    i have an ultraman leo card to trade if anyone can help me with my wants list ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by magyar1964 View Post
    Ultraman Leo isn't listed on the Toy Cards Wiki web site - that's why I was surprised to see it. I hadn't seen or heard about it in the forums either.
    Yeah i was suprised it was not listed,it's been out awhile.

    Never stand behind a cow when it sneezes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raider5gt View Post
    Mike,there's Fist Fighting Tarzan,Ultraman Leo,El Hombre Nuclear and Tex Willer sticker.
    So I guess that's a NO on Phantom Of The Opera. Thanks for the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE FALCON View Post
    So I guess that's a NO on Phantom Of The Opera. Thanks for the link.
    There's the Lincoln Monsters one-

    Phantom of the Opera I Lincoln International I AHI I I Super monsters I

    1614-B N State Hwy 161
    Grand Prairie, TX 75050
    (972) 740-4424

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