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Thread: Frankenweenie

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    Black and white is a big risk for a kid's film. I dig it, but will the kids weened on primary colours and Pixar?

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    Mar 26, 2008
    goth tweeners will be all over it.

    How well did Corpse Bride do in the theaters? Don't know if that was marketed as a family movie, but it was b/w and stop motion animated.

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    I think folks often forget that Nightmare Before Christmas was mis-marketed and did disappointing numbers at the box office of the time, before becoming a cult hit and merchandising machine on DVD/Video.

    I think Corpse Bride did okay at the box office and DVD. It will be interesting to see if it has any legs as a cult film. I don't think it had the colourful cast of characters that Nightmare did, which makes it a little less of an easy sell in the Bobble-head, t-shirt and glass figurine marketplace.

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    Totally going to see this...........I hear Burton is planning an Addams Family like this too....

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    Feb 15, 2004
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    Corpse Bride was not black and white, it was just a subdued color palette.
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    I remember this was a live action short film on Nick or Disney back in the early 90s. I'm not happy that it's been turned into a CGI film.
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    I remember the original. Didn't Disney hold it in it's vaults until Burton hit it big with Batman? I recall they didn't know what to do with it.

    The kid looks like a young version of Depp's character from The Corpse Bride.

    This is the kind of stuff Burton excels at. My son will probably want to see this, along with "ParaNorman".


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