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Thread: Godzilla vs The Wolfman

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    Godzilla vs The Wolfman

    Awhile back I had heard of a rare fan film called Godzilla vs The Wolfman, at first I snickered and laughed when I heard it was a fan film from 1979.

    I thought it's probably some crappy little film that someone made. After further investigation I was kinda stunned what I came across. this is what I gathered...

    The movie called: (Ookami Otoko tai Gojira) or Legendary Colossal Beast vs Godzilla.

    Produced and directed by Shizuo Nakajima has a reel time of 15 minutes but from what i read it has actually 10 minutes of footage.
    It began production in 1979, had a Godzilla suit that was like the 60's Godzilla suit, made by the director and Fuyuki Shinada.

    Toho had no part in it and the project seems to have died, till 1989 when Nakajima made a trailer for the aborted project.

    In 1993 a 5 minute trailer was made and shown at a film festival....rush to 2002 Nakajima once again made a compilation of all the footage running 10 minutes long and shown at a public screening.

    From what I know there has been no screening since and nowhere on the net to my knowledge it can be seen........

    As a Godzilla fan, this is pretty amazing and I would love to view it......

    Here are the pics I came across on the net of it......

    Actual poster made for it

    another poster

    pics from the set....if you look closely BARAGON is also in the movie

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    Coolness. I had never heard of this before.
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    Would be cool to see this!

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    Sadly, it's rare and hasn't been seen in years. you would think that in this day and age the film maker would have had it digitally transfered and posted it on a website or youtube.

    From what I understand in Japan, companies do not stop fan films from being made or shown. like here as long as you are not making a profit off it, there are no objections.....

    Personally i think this just may be the Holy Grail of Godzilla films,I'm sure any Godzilla fan as I would love to see it.

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    Three things

    1. the other week I actually made a 3d pic from one of the still shots from this indie film, which can be found in post# 9 here:

    2. I have known about this for years and wish to actually see it one day. This link goes into more detail and with more pics, and mentions how it was 2 separate films when it started and Baragon was originally in it as well:

    3. it is possible it might be out there but using strict Japanese characters/website and not in English language at all which may be why searches here do not bring up much of anything (same with Gamera 4)
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    From what I know, no one that I know has ever seen it let alone heard of it.......
    I searched and searched but to no's out there but it's not been transfered digitally.......cause you know if it was, every Hardcore Godzilla fan would know of it.....

    I'm just hoping someday it will pop least there are pics to confirm it's existence and it looks pretty damn cool.......

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    Awesome. As a die hard Big G acolyte and kaiju fan in general, I would love to see that.

    Looking for the following Mego "Comic Action Heroes" accessories: Penguin's umbrella and Green Goblin's satchel/shoulder bag.

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