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Thread: Classic Star Trek Vina and Nurse Chapel Canceled

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    I do like the "Mirror, Mirror" variants; I just wish they could be paired with other aliens/crew.

    There are still several wonderful Brady sculpts, Mudd, etc.

    I'm sorry to hear that CBS is so difficult to work with.
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    to bad ,i was looking forward to these two ,i would have bought a couple sets easy,i ordered the barbara & and karen cooper figure ,why would diamond select invest money in these two ? and not vina & chaple from a much more popular property ,it kind of leaves your collection with a hole ,those being pictured but never produced,the mirror figures are nice ,and ill get them ,but without these two gals and perhaps rand ,its like whatever,i will also get the next generation ,hopefully without holes .

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    This really sux. If there was such a problem with Vina, then cancel Vina but not Nurse Chapel, too!

    Barnabas Collins

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    So sad! Nurse Chapel has been my most wanted classic Trek Mego ever since they announced Sulu and Chekov. And I would certainly buy Vina as well (I remember Dr. Mego saying that Kirk needs a green hottie on his arm, and I agree!).

    I hope there is still a chance for a retailer to take these on. Would it ever be possible for multiple retailers to join forces on something like this? - A shared exclusive? Would it be worthwhile for us fans to write to some of the possible companies (Big Bad Toy Store?) to express our interest in Chapel and Vina?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drmego View Post
    CBS gave us such a hard time with Vina's costume that I started to think they
    did not want to see it made. It pains me to say it, but lots of retailers have
    been offered Rand and Chapel two-packs but no one has the money to go
    for it in quantity - and it's not worth it for DST to make a small number.

    Diamond has been trying to get some of the larger retailers to take them
    as exclusives but no one wants them enough to put their money up.
    Thanks for the news Doc, bummer as it may be. Knowing retailer perception of Kirk & Spock being the only real sellers, would a Mirror Kirk & Vina pairing fair better? Or Mirror Spock & Chapel combo?

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    Shucks! Was looking forward to both figures, especially Chapel. Poopie! :(
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    They could have done a 2 pack of McCoy in dress uniform with Chapel.

    Instead of Vina, they could retool her into Marta and do a Lord Garth/Marta 2 pack which I would buy in a heart beat. Then they could also use her head sculpt for Batgirl.

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    Bummer. I would really love to have seen these made. Perhaps they could be paired up with a popular character as has been suggested? Oh, I still would love to see Rand made as well!

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    I kinda wish they would have chopped it up and Did a Mirror Spock with Vina and Mirror Kirk with Chapel to even it out!

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    I want my cake & i wanna eat it too...I want both Vina, Chapel, & both Mirror Mirror characters..... I want an Oompa Loompa NOW daddy.....
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