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Thread: Head Shrinkers: Muhammad Ali 8"? STTMP Ilia, aliens, etc

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    Head Shrinkers: Muhammad Ali 8"? STTMP Ilia, aliens, etc

    As the title says - anyone have good 8" shrinks of the 12" lines (like STMP aliens, Black Hole series, 12" comic Zod, etc) or the Muhammad Ali figure down to 8"?

    The poster design has me wanting a Champ in scale...
    Looking for Tong body style LHT/Australian release Ninjas of any color, and here's :::My Expansive Wants List::: WARNING: I am medical malady boy, and have recently proven to be chronic iffy-to-negligible-trader-response-guy. Like After School Special worthy. This is my self-imposed Scarlet Letter.

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    Mebeifoschet/George has done some of those. Look him up in the members list. He lives in Germany tho.
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