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Thread: Bantam Star Trek books available on the Kindle?

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    Bantam Star Trek books available on the Kindle?

    Hi everyone. I received the Kindle Fire as a Christmas present from my wife, and I have to say that readings a comic book on the Kindle is a great experience. I recommend it. I was wondering if the out of print Bantam Star Trek books are available for the Kindle. I don't see them on Amazon, but they seem to appear on various e-book web sites that I have never heard of) and am concerned about downloading them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    You can read comic books on the Kindle?

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    Bantam? is tht the pre Motion Picture stuff like the Phoenix books?
    i enjoyed those back in the day. has been probbaly 25 years since I read them though. wonder if they still hold up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nostalgiabuff View Post
    Bantam? is tht the pre Motion Picture stuff like the Phoenix books?
    Star Trek (Bantam) - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

    I have only read the James Blish books that were adaptions of the teleplays and some of Alan Dean Foster's Ballantine adaptions of the animated show, and I'm pretty sure they haven't been released officially or Amazon would have them. It's too bad they haven't--they'd be ideal for the Kindle. You can breeze through one of Blish's short stories pretty quickly, so they'd be great for killing time in waiting rooms or whatever.

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    Man, I loved reading the Alan Dean Foster adaptations when I was a kid, and the Blish stuff was good too.

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    Haven't seen those but I do have a few of my Trek favorites on my iPad's Kindle App. Double, Double, - Ishmael - Yesterday's Son and Time for Yesterday.

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