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Thread: AcroRay's Blog: The tragic tale of Bill Mantlo

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    AcroRay's Blog: The tragic tale of Bill Mantlo

    I just posted an update to my Micronauts blog, regarding the recent article on Micronauts comic creator Bill Mantlo which appeared - surprisingly enough - at a health insurance industry website.

    AcroRay's Laboratory: Micronauts and more: The Tragic Tale of a Micronauts Creator

    The article is a sad read indeed. But, out of respect to Mantlo and the hours of enjoyment he brought us, it is well worth reading.

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    I just read this tonight.... I think this quote from the article summed it up pretty well....

    Claremont says, his voice heavy with emotion. “What a f______g waste.”

    So much potential lost in such a tragic accident...Just so sad....
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    Thank you for posting this. Mantlo was one of my favorite creators of the late 70's/early 80's. Micronauts, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Team America (hey, I was a kid! ), Rom...the list goes on and on. I knew about his accident and have been following updates on his condition, which, unfortunately, have not been positive.

    I was also heartened by the negative responses toward hateful comments former Marvel Editor in Chief Jim Shooter made about Mantlo at his blog. I guess there really are decent people left on the internet.
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    what a tragedy. i did not read Micronauts as a kid so was not familiar with his story. hopefully, at least his children will start visiting him and they can form some type of relationship before it is too late

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