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Thread: Is There An NYC Meet

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    Jun 8, 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by doctor09210 View Post
    im not THAT into memos to go to WV
    I apologize for the rant in advance, but:
    It's Megos.
    I'm not usually a spelling nit-picker but you are at the MEGO museum. Show some respect for it and your fellow members by checking your spelling for that one word at least.
    It's like going to DisneyLand and not being THAT into 'Mikky Moose'.
    Here at the MEGO museum a lot of us are THAT into 'em.
    The Memo Museum is in East Virginia.
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    Feb 18, 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by MicromanZone View Post
    Makes me wistful for the good old days of NYC having small toy show conventions in the pre-Internet age. Always around midtown, never too fancy, very little major marketing happening, dominated by small dealers and tons of stuff you could never see elsewhere. That world is now supplanted by boards like this and eBay, but man I miss those days.
    Ebay also made everyone aware of the prices. It's become the best price guide in the world and everyone has access to it. I still get deals a toy shows but I can remember picking up some great Mego deals from Barbie and GI Joe dealers because they felt 8" lines were crap. I could pull handfuls of stuff from the bottom of boxes like Ironman gloves and Goblin boots and pay a buck or two for the lot. Now I miss the good ole days too.
    It's not a doll it's an action figure.

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