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Thread: vintage and foreign Sesame Street puppets FS

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    Mar 26, 2008

    Not Mego vintage and foreign Sesame Street puppets FS

    Doing some cleanup and have a small pile of SS puppets that need new homes. Just wondering if anyone here is interested before I go the ebay route.

    - THESE are ALL for sale. the earlier pic/feeler thread was from my insurance file. This one is updated and all items are up for grabs. Thanks for hanging in there - I just was not sure if there were any SS buyers here.

    Ernie and Bert loose puppets. May need some cleaning and stitching, but are nice - $15 each or $25 for the pairsold
    Vicma (European) Trudy aka BettyLou - $115 sold
    Vicma Sherlock Hemlock $150 sold
    Vicma Professor Hastings (the blue fellow) no glasses on him. $85
    Herry Monster - $100
    Topper boxed Ernie $35 - puppet may need some cleaning and/or stitching, box has some sort of dark area on two places in backsold
    loose Bert - $15 again, might need some cleaning or stitching - these guys are notorious for loosing seams on the arms and sides.
    Roosevelt Franklin - he is a bit dirty, but could be bizzed up - $40 sold
    Gabriel (fuzzy headed) Ernie and Bert - $12 each or the pair for $20 sold
    Anything muppet without his anything parts - sort of a purple sock with a shirt and rubber hands. $30 sold

    Finger puppets - Ernie $4, Big Bird $3, Roosevelt Franklin $15, the Salesman (hat has a nip in it) $12 RF and Salesmansold

    AND - just 'cos they were in the SS box for some reason, I have some Pogo items for sale $5 each

    thanks for lookin'
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    PM sent
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    Apr 3, 2007
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    PM away for Ernie, Bert and Roosevelt Franklin
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