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Thread: Blue Meanie's/Berto's Mego Meet...

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    Blue Meanie's/Berto's Mego Meet...

    Quote Originally Posted by megocrazy View Post
    Once again another Meet has come and gone. They truly do go by too fast. It's growing by leaps and bounds. We added an entire room and still did not have an extra table. The number of new members making the Meet quest each year is also up. All great things to see and truly a credit to what the Meet is all about.

    Instead of just listing names and thanks, I thought I'd make this years review a bit more from a personal level. A little showing, not of what the Meet 2011 was, but what it has become, to me, after attending 5 of them.

    I've been fortunate in my years to have a number of good friends. School, my years in R/C racing, etc. I still have friends I see from other experiences, but after being in toys for over 20 years, more and more I realize some of the best friends I've made, in life, have been through this site. You all know who you are and it's the real reason to make the trip each year. Some I get to see at other events during the year but some I only see here and it truly is not enough time to see everyone.

    This year we had a scare prior to the event with Jim Hampton's medical issue. Another of the great people I've met through here. Looks like all is well with it but to see the number of members inquire about his well being just goes to show Mego's really are the second thing of importance, even at the Meet, the people come first. Even if you're not there. Get well soon Jimmy, look forward to seeing you next year.

    So this year I say thanks, not for what was done, but to the people for simply being who they are, and allowing me to be a part of it. There really is no where on earth that "GFY" truly comes from the heart with love and affection, other than Wheeling WV. 362 days will not pass fast enough. See ya in 2012.

    Chuck said it so eloquently. I can't really add that much to what has been said.

    I want to thank everyone that stopped by my tables at the Meet...making it the best year I've had selling wise. It was non stop from Friday set up til just about the Custom's auction. Hopefully stopping by my tables was more than just a buying experience. I've tried to be more than just a seller at Mego Meet and hopefully that showed through. I know I learned a lot this year from Chuck(Megocrazy) about LJN figures as well as from Ray (Acroray) about Micronauts. Thanks to both of you gentlemen for teaching an "old dog" new tricks so to speak.

    Gonna do some "shout out's" to some of my Mego Brothers:

    Steve (Azrak) we missed you out on the main floor...but as usual you found your way to the "beater mego box" on my table. Thanks for keeping the Mego Meet experience what it should BTW, NO MORE Molson XXX's. I had a HUGE headache the next morning. Must have been that extra bit of alcohol that did the trick.

    John (Type3)...Great seeing you back at the Meet this year. Still looking for the Amphicat...soon as I find it I'll message you. Don't forget to send me that list of horror films you are looking for.

    Chad (noelani)...Man, I don't know how you could stand the heat in that Red Skull outfit. Great seeing you and your son at the show again.

    Ron (stabilio)...What can I say...Mego Super 8 is still going strong. If you do an exclusive next year let me know...maybe I can help you out with some bodies or something.

    Chuck (megocrazy)...Big Man with a HUGE heart. Thanks for helping out with all of that LJN crap I had in the box I didn't know where to start. Take care of that leg and take care of yourself. Give me a holla if you decide to go to Baltimore Comic Con or if you are going to any of the New York shows.

    Derek (Flynne)...Great seeing you and the Mrs. at the show this year. Congrats on the store and continued success. Thanks for the clean up job on the Iron Man outfit....looks as new as the day it was made. You know you and the Mrs. are always welcome when you're in the Big Apple. Sorry I forgot all of the Comic Posters...some will be flying your way with your Tardis.

    Scott A...It's always great seeing you and the boys at the show. All I have to say is what my bro was saying all weekend long "I pick things up and put them down" Enjoy the latest edition to your collection...he was proudly in my collection for about 4 or 5 years. Just a cool conversation piece. It's good to see Mego Molds are still being used in the Orient.

    Mike and Ric (batmanmc and Jemboy) guys are great. Mike thanks for the compliment about the reason why you come to the Meet. It made my weekend.

    Last but not least my bro Tom(Wannabemego)...I've said it every year and I'll say it again...I can't do this show without you. You know that...but I want everyone here to know that. Love ya man.

    To all the new and old friends that were at the Meet this year...Thank You. You're what makes the meet what it is...A very tight knit community that cares about the hobby. Both preserving Mego Past and strengthening Mego's future. Thanks.
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    Berto, we got the best real estate in the building brother! I have such a blast hanging out with you, Tom and Ron. Best meet ever this year!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Meanie View Post

    Chuck said it so eloquently. I can't really add that much to what has been said.
    Really? Because I think you typed 2x's as much as he did.
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    Thanks a million for adding to my collection Berto....YOU are THE MAN!! See ya next year for more goodies!!!

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    Jun 25, 2001
    I have so much fun hanging with you guys in the suite. It makes the weekend. Of course the deals at your table don't hurt either.
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    Really loved talking comic art with you, Berto.

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    May 10, 2003
    Didn't get to spend as much time with you and Tom as I would have liked this year. I kind of rely on Thursday night at the Mego Suite to be time for the Super 8 to catch up, but I think I counted almost 40 people in the Suite on Thursday. A far cry from the 7 or so of us who showed up early the first year.

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    Dec 16, 2004
    Always great seeing you guys. I enjoy seeing everyone now, but the first year I went ('07) you and Tom were among the first to make me feel welcome which I always remember.

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    Oct 28, 2005
    Berto always has Great stuff as always!
    Thanks for the boots!!!

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    Apr 17, 2005
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    And thanks for finding the AHI Frankie shirt for me, and the deal on the Tomland Dagon figure. As you could see, I had great fun with that guy!
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