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Thread: Introducing: Mego Time Lords

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    I have a question: where did you get the wig for the second Doctor figure?

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    So how long until they start making other Doctors?

  3. I am really excited about these figures.

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    Fantastic blog! Would anyone care for a Jelly Baby?
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    Jan 12, 2008
    I just got the 4th Doctor.
    I wish it was more friendly looking and had rooted hair like Grandma Walton, then a hat might fit. I think maybe the hat is a just a prop. It wouldnt have worked with molded hair. I hope the line tries out molded on hats however.
    I want to switch out parts with a Type1 chest and Castaway biceps to make him thinner and more poseable. Why not bring back the type 1 chest in the future? Save the muscles for the Superguys.
    I'm glad he has classic type 2 hands. That is the touch I think makes a MEGO.
    I hope to see more 4th Doctors in the future. He's the rare exception of a fantasy character I like all variations of.
    Thank you Biff Bang EMCE for making the line.
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  7. Doctor Who Yanouli Customs

    Quote Originally Posted by YANOULI View Post
    Those bashes are pretty good.

    Check out the figures i did a couple of years ago:

    Feel free to add these to the blog

    I have the same wig, which i bought for that exact reason.
    In the end i went with a different head so didn't use it.
    These are all bloody amazing!

  8. Awsome! I love that Leela better! Will never get over not getting a sarah Jane 8" figure! Doctooooooooooooor! LOL I had weird fascination with Elizabeth Sladens screetch! Those all are totally cool, looks like a very time consuming project , that paid off very very well.

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    Really wish they could've gotten all the Doctors made.

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    Just logged in to see if Palitoy shared his awesome 3rd Doctor figure to this thread.

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