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Thread: Looking for info on this "Slurp" Stuffed animal

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    Looking for info on this "Slurp" Stuffed animal

    Hey everyone, I saw this crazy thing sitting at a thrift store and couldn't help but check it out....something about those bloodshot eyes...

    I was surprised to see an actual tag on it, as I was almost certain it was homemade.

    The tag says "I'm Slurp" by Spectacular Products. and a patent #

    I haven't been able to find any real info online except to date it to the mid 60's - very early 70's

    I have read that it was made from "borg" fur and seems like it could have been somewhat of an advertising item for Borgs new shag fur, along the likes of the Naugamonster. But that's all just assumption and guesses on my part.

    Anyone out in mego land know about this thing?

    here he is as I bought him:

    and here he is after a crazy cleaning (really surprised I was able to clean him without ruining him)

    don't mind that yeti head in the background.... blizzard photo shoot kinda fell through.

    Thanks for any info!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about this guy and maybe finding some more pics of them

    -Justin Z-

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    Holy poop, the picture just made me flash back to a hazy memory of one of these. Its even hard to tel if its an actual memory or some kind of instantly induced fantasy. The one in my memory never had neat hair like your finished product. It was always a crazy mess.

    Another site has this to say about the item-

    Turns out this guy, who's name is Slurp, was put out by a company called Spectacular Products (now called Princess Soft Toys). Apparently, this was their first product, back when the company was just starting. In all likelihood, he was hand sewn by one of the original six employees of the company forty-five years ago.

    (Maybe) The Dorkiest Thing You'll See All Day.: Hipster Slurp Craves Imported Beer.

    I also found a picture of smaller one with a box. Its called Le Petite Slurp. Its missing the bloodshot eyes but it has the same "I'm Slurp" tag and borg fur. Its also from the same company. Looks like the idea was that it was a toy you could comb or brush.-

    Vintage Stuffed Toy La Petite Slurp IOB NICE (10/01/2009)
    WANTED - Solid-Boxed WGSH's, C.8 or better.

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    Cute love it is this vintage?

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    What IS that thing?!?!? And why isn't Kirk here phasering it?

    Don C.

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    Hey, we collect these little furballs, so if you're interested in getting rid of him/her, please keep us in mind!

    Gonked, Glooked and Slurped!

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