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Thread: David Soul doesn't like Starsky & Hutch Remake!

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    Angry David Soul doesn't like Starsky & Hutch Remake!

    Wow! I went to David Soul's blog this morning and he is going wild about how he hated the Starsky and Hutch movie remake and he was basically tricked into making an appearance. Apparently he and Paul Michael Glaser had an original script and it was turned into a comedy. I think I would have liked to seen the movie David Soul talks about over that garbage comedy.

    Looks like David Soul isn't a happy camper about the...
    Well, just read it. I can't post it here because there are some offensive words in it. Blogs:david soul MySpace Blog
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    Didn't read the blog but I agree with Soul....that movie was crap on a stick.
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    I wasn't gonna pay good money to see this, the previews were awful!
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    well, considering that, to me, all S&H is, is a distant memory of a kinda solemn/kinda
    generic 70s cop show that I had more interaction with on the playground than on TV,
    and that I am also a Ben Stiller fan----well, it don't take rocket science to know that
    I'll always take the movie over the show for entertainment value---I'll have to read that
    blog sometime tho, as the cameos were pretty cool and I'd like to see some more insight
    on them, positive OR negative

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    As someone who only vaguely remembers the original show, and hasn't watched a whole episode since it's original run, I liked the movie okay. Nothing I'd want to own or watch over and over, but it had its moments.

    BUT, I was a big Dukes of Hazzard fan, and did not like the rauncy remake, so I know where you guys (and Soul) are coming from. Apparently none of the original Dukes cast thought much of it either, especially Ben (Cooter) Jones.


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    I don't know what it's like to be these people, to have a project come along 30 years later that riffs on something that was a big part of your life, but to me as an outside observer, these 70s actors who gripe about remakes/reimaginings (Soul, old Starbuck commenting on the new Galactica) just come off as humorless self important bozos to me. I guess he felt duped making a cameo in a movie he didn't understand.

    It was a piece of junk movie, but it had it's moments---It was a fairly creative modern hipster ironic remake of a 70's TV show. What do you think of when you think of Starsky and Hutch? The cool car, the weird 70's urban outfits, the posey cops sliding across car hoods and jumping across rooftops. A funky soundtrack, a cool pimp character....What are you going to do, make a serious drama? I think the choices the movie made as a parody were pretty much spot on, but it suffered from the usual Hollywood sloppyness in the story.
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    As a stand alone movie, it was funny enough.

    To fans of the TV show (I like the show but I mean a fan who has followed the show and keeps in touch with other fans) it must've been a slap in the face.

    I can't really blame David Soul for being angry since he, like the fans, have an emotional investment in the characters.

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    i'm a huge fan of the original starsky and hutch television show. i agree that the movie flat out stunk! however, it did bring starsky and hutch back in the spotlight. i personally didnt care for the characters, i really love the car and i enjoyed seeing the original actors ,though briefly, on the big screen.

    i can see where david's gripe is coming from. he and paul really put a lot of effort into taking their characters to a deeper realm, considered by many to be groundbreaking for television drama during that period. they really wanted to show how their relationship went beyond from just being two cops to the point where they were 2 genuine human beings who truly cared for each other.

    so for him and paul to see how they were portrayed in the new movie was like taking their masterpiece and just ripping it to shreds.

    just my 2cents,


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    I saw iton tbs one weekend. Almost every show from my youth has been reimagined or remade and I havn't cared for any of them Whether the modern retell or the nostalgic joke
    the SWAT movie - TJ is the bad guy Say it aint so
    Dragnet the movie - AWFUl and I like Tom Hanks
    Battlestar galactica - DESPISE the new one gave it the whole first season and didn't even care to find out how the cliffhanger ended in season 2
    Miami Vice - one must ask WHY bother
    Bionic woman - haven't made up my mind yet but I am not impressed so far
    Bionic man - JAke 2.0 was a remake whether they admit it or not
    Starksy & hutch - love the car but If I was David soul I would be livid with their lack of originality. Say what you like Don't Give up on us Baby was a #1 hit and still gets airplay on easy listening. it would have been better to do a Last Action Hero/Autin powers style fish out of water and take the 70's cops and put them in today. Ben Stiller has alot more acting chops for comedy than this thing showed

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    With our disposable society, most of the remakes simply go away on their own but briefly give some attention to the original.

    I'm a tremendous fan of Logan's Run, the movie remake could be directed by Ule Bowle for all i care, I'll probably get a special edition DVD of the movie and tv series out of the deal and I'll be happy.

    Although I'll admit, the S&H movie wasn't a great comedy.

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