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Thread: Broken links thread

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    This is just an fyi while the kinks are worked out of the new system...

    Top menu bar -
    Whats' New - Articles - Forum - Blog

    When I click on "Articles", it give me a page saying I do not have permissions to view.
    Mkay, what cool goodies are in there that I cannot see!! Belly threads? lol

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    Keep the reports coming, there is likely a week's worth of work here before we get it up to speed again.

    We REALLY need some pictures on the walls.
    Places to find PlaidStallions online:

    Buy Toy-Ventures Magazine here:

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    will do sir.
    I see just now our good ole forum header is posted now..

    On my iMac, the upper left text is now white on a light grey background...little hard to read
    Welcome - username - Notifications - My Profile - Settings - Log Out

    You guys have a ton of work to do...
    I work in I.T.
    I have seen server migrations go well, and go bad..
    I have built websites..
    But this is huge..

    Thanks for letting me play here.

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    just changed my skin to Seventies Child and now those fonts are in Black for me. ;-)

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    On the message board, if I click on "New Posts" the results include an "Activity Stream" button that goes to a page that is not found.

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