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Thread: Marvel Handful of Heroes : Want/Trade list

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    I just started collecting these little Handful of Heroes guys.

    I'm not looking for a complete set (i.e. all three variations of all the figures)
    But I would like to have at least one of each of the characters.

    I'm looking for an Abomination, Armageddon, World War Hulk (The Version without the Axe), and X-ray

    I found all four at Toys R Us on Monday (In three packages even), but I am recently unemployed and resisted the urge to purchase them all.
    (Why was I at Toys R Us? My 2nd Daughter turned 2 and they have a birthday club and sent her a coupon for 3 dollars off, we were getting her a 3 dollar present)

    Anyway, my true duplicates available for trade are:

    Black Panther—Transparent

    Colossus Standing—Glitter

    Cyclops w/ Earth—Opaque


    Doc Ock—Opaque

    Dr. Doom—Glitter

    Green Goblin—Transparent or Glitter

    Hulk Gladiator—Opaque

    Hulk Red—Opaque or Glitter

    Hulk Mindless—Opaque

    Hulk All Ages—Glitter

    World War Hulk (With Axe)—Opaque

    Hulk Dark—Opaque

    Iron Man Modern Armor—Opaque

    Iron Man Mark I Armor—Opaque



    Sabretooth—Transparent or Glitter

    Spider-man Shooting Web—Transparent

    Spider-man Webbed Arm Pits—Opaque


    War Machine—Glitter

    Wolverine Blue/Yellow Costume—Transparent


    Lady Zod—Is Armageddon Still Available?

    I Have:

    Green Goblin Glittery
    Mandarin Transparent
    Venom Glittery

    Calledgestewdent—I've been dying to get a World War Hulk(No Axe Version I don't know if that's wave I or II), I'm also looking for Abomination but I'm not sure I have something else you want in trade.

    I Have Silver Webbed Pits spiderman

    anyone else feel free to e-mail or PM me if you are interested (UT Squishy @ gmail . com) Remove the spaces of course.

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    Jan 17, 2010
    Thanks UTS. I sent you an email. So sorry to be getting back so late I didn't realize this thread had moved to page 2.

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