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    Lightbulb Star Trek Figures info

    My shipment of Kirks and Klingons will be here sometime this coming week, hopefully earlier than later. The reason I'm behind Paul, I found out, is because it took me longer to get approved (because it took my state of Arkansas an incredible amount of time to send my Tax ID certificate!) and thus my order "officially" went in after the official deadline. But I'll still get all my cases, and all my customers will get their figures, just about a week later than Paul's will. Sorry about that!

    In the future, however, this won't even be an issue, since I'm already a Diamond dealer and will make sure I get my order in on time. And the same deal that applied to Kirk/Klingon applies to Spock/Andorian - if they aren't shipped within 48 hours of my receiving them, you'll get them free.

    Anyway, here's my link to the Spock and Andorian pre-orders. Everything is discounted, and you can order individual figures as well as two-packs and cases.

    The link:

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    I have gotten quite a few things from him and he is true to his word. I have already ordered from Joe and Paul the spock/Andorian and can't wait to get them. I personally only order from my friends on the board who have a love for mego like me. I can't see giving my money to some big dealer who could really care less about these figures.

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