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Thread: My Phantom from MegoMeet '09

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    My Phantom from MegoMeet '09

    Phantom was one of my very few 'must have' items from MegoMeet this year, and I'm very pleased with him! Great card art, and an excellent figure! CastAWay really nailed Phantom in a form that we should have been graced with a couple of decades ago. I've looked forward to this figure since MegoMeet '08, and I must say: Bravo!

    I also picked up one of their special Trenchcoat-Fedora-Shades sets, for when The Ghost Who Walks must walk unseen along the streets of common men. Again, excellent products. I was really impressed by the design and cut of the Trenchcoat. The fit was perfect, although Phantom's gun holsters bulge a bit underneath it. The fedora also fit perfectly - but with a caveat.

    One note of caution - and perhaps feedback: the fedora might leave paint marks on Phantom's head. Its a simple matter of the paint remaining a bit tacky on the rubber the hat is made from, I believe. (The rubber is black, and the hat is painted brown.) Before putting it on Phantom's head, one might want to make a little band from packing tissue or something to keep the hat from coming into direct contact with Phantom's head. Alternately, you might trim or clear the paint from the inside of the hat at its contact areas. (I have no idea how to do this, though.) For future production runs, CastAWay might consider having the factory avoid applying paint to the inner cap area, if possible.

    I have a couple of little brown marks to try to get off of Phantom's head, when I have some time to try a couple of methods I read suggested for similar issues with Japanese 'gashapon' toys.

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    You're makin me really want one.

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    Just got my Trenchcoat-Fedora-Shades set. Looks great, and I'll keep your advice in mind, AcroRay. Thanks!
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