Megomeet is a little different for me. The first year, my wife and I had just moved back to Ohio 6 months before the meet and our only child at the time was 9 months old. Being so close to the Meet I just had to go, but it became obvious pretty fast that dad taking off for a weekend and leaving mom with the baby wasn't going to happen. So we made it a family trip. Early that Saturday of the first Meet we loaded the little pooper into the car and headed east for the 2.5 hour drive to the Kruger Street Toy Museum. We stayed as long as we could ( I think about 1pm) but it was enough for me to get a fix and to entertain the pooper. It was short, but at least I made it. And that began our annual family trip to MegoMeet.

We've made it 4 out of 5 years now and we've added a younger brother to the Pyatt crew as well. My kids love going every year and Rory is still telling stories of the toys he got at the 2008 MegoMeet.

This year was again a huge success for us so kudos and props to everyone involved with the setup and running. Much thanks especially to Dr Mego for helping the kids build their Ironman and Wolverine megos at the show- especially when the kids decided both of them needed capes. Who knew? Thanks also to Meanie (I think it was you) who won the Lost Continent set in the auction and gave it to Rory. We took it back to the hotel and he and his brother loved the dinosaurs.

It was awesome to talk to Brian, Dave, Art, and everyone else I chatted with and didn't catch your name. Having the family along does limit how much time I get to geek out, but I appreciate every moment hanging with fellow Mego Museum members.

Here's a picture of me and the kids with Ironman at the meet.

Here's to MegoMeet 2010. My kids are already asking when they get to go.