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Thread: Alien Kenner 1979 Mint In Box

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    Alien Kenner 1979

    never had one as a kind let alone never saw them at the toy stores the first time I found out about this figure was in the early 90's

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    Quote Originally Posted by megoat View Post
    Here's a question:

    How many of you had one of these as a kid?

    I actually had one of these in '79-'80. My parents did not complain. I was not scared of this toy. I don't understand the fuss. It's just a gruesome looking boy's toy. Big deal.
    My brother had one. Our parents never had any problem with it.

    I still have it. Of course, it's not in the best of shape now.

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    I got one a few years after it came out; when they were on sale. Didn't see them prior to that. Always wanted one 'cos I saw the movie when it came out. (I was about 10, and not scared by monster movies.)

    Don C.

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    I remember the commercial well and it didn't scare me.

    I didn't see the actual figure until I found one at 15. I had it perched over my bed for a brief period but I was never all that into the character or the movies, so I eventually sold it.

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    Heres the link to the ALIEN Toy COMMERCIAL:

    YouTube - Alien Action Figure (Commercial, 1979)

    ...oh no! Now i wont be able to sleep!!!!

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    Alien Kenner

    theirs one on ebay for 499.00 man 500 hunderd for an action figure thinking very very hard never spent that much on a toy before

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    A scecial shot out to Noelani72!

    Oh my god! You are my hero! Listen, can I get that scan of your Kenner Alien Box? I was planning on purchasing a box some day to do just what you have done. I am in the process of purchasing 1979 Kenner Aliens in hopes that someone will someday produce quality Kenner Alien boxes (with insert) to the exact specifications of the original. I have seen some custom examples, but for me they were not good enough. I may purchase an original box in the future just so I can produce them (marked repro box) but I am very, very picky and if it does not look like an original I would consider it a failure. I love the box art so much that I would love to take your box and print it out + frame it - James

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    Quote Originally Posted by noelani72 View Post
    I have one, and it's pretty cool. Mine's not complete, the box is in really bad shape. I had spent months building this in 1:1 scale, just never found a printer that could handle it:
    It only took me over two years to:

    Find a printer.
    Not spend an outrageous amount of $$ TO get it printed.
    Get it printed as all one piece.
    Find the right mounting board.


    It's not perfect, a few mistakes in the artwork and quick cutting...but I think it is fair to say my experiment worked. The folds are c-l-e-a-n!

    Yeah - I can do large scale repros

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    Great work! Back in 1980 TRU had the Alien dolls piled high. They couldn't get rid of them. They were selling them for $12. I didn't get one but I did get the 12" Indiana Jones which they also couldn't unload.
    If a Mego figure of God did not exist, it would be necessary for EMCE to invent him.

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    I got one back in about 1980, Zellers, I think... it was a clearance item too, if I recall.

    Kept the box, and the dome. Lost the poster, though.

    The figure can be fragile. The back spines have a habit of becoming somewhat loose.

    Looking for one CAH Mego Comic Activator (working or non working).

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