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Thread: Big Jim for 1972

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    Do you think any kids actually put Jim in his warm up outfit and had him do a couple stretches before suiting him up for a game?
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    BIG JIM!!!!!!!! One of my childhood's most favorite toy lines for sure. I recieved the Big Jim RESCUE RIG as a Christmas present surpise. Great set with cherry picker basket, crane, and talking radio. The sports sets were great too! Only action figure set I ever completed in my chidlhood having had all 4 figures. I never understood why GIJOE didn't have sports sets.

    Anybody else send in the M&M candy wrappers to get the free BIG JIM Basketbal uniform set advertised in the Sunday Comics?

    Anybody know why the Big Jim Sports Boxed set of 3 uniforms and a figure is so hard to find. I looked for that everywhere as a kid and never had any luck.

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    I've said it before my second favorite line after Mego. Loved all the gear. I had the Camper and I would get lost in my rooms for hours playing with that.

    I always loved the line because of all the different outfits he had. I remember when I had My Ali Mego I wanted more fighters for him and My Mom picked up Big Jack and Big Josh with the Boxing outfits.

    The P.A.C.K Ruled!!!!!

    I've said it before Mattel seriously needs to reissue these figures.....

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    This is the Big Jim I grew up with. Had a ton of them, plus the Honda dirt bike, the camper, and the Rescue Rig, which is the ultimate action figure vehicle....also doubled as a sickbay and engineering when it was time for Star Trek (the camper was Kirks quarters).

    A couple years back I finally picked up a couple of the airplane playsets too....Fantastic stuff!! Wish I had it as a kid.

    My only complaint with the line was the figures had a tendency to break...mainly the plastic balls that the legs pop onto.

    I agree with Kingdom Warrior 100%--Mattel needs to re-issue this line...Max Steel just didnt cut it!!
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    Yep, love me some Big Jim. I only had a few as a kid. I have a butt load as an adult. I've been selling repro decals and resin castings of BJ parts for some time now. Big Jim is a good seller for me. Count me as one of the collectors that would like Mattel to re-issue Big Jim. It would be just as a good seller for them as re-issue GIJoes have been for Hasbro. Max Steel just doesn't cut it for me or other Big Jim collectors.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatBatmanGuy View Post
    Max Steel just doesn't cut it for me or other Big Jim collectors.

    Yea it was likely just a placeholder as not to lose the Trademark... but time is ticking again and they better get back on it... I figure it will likely be just more Max Steele junk


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    Never had any Big Jim stuff. I do think I remember asking for it at some point and I do remember all the ads and catalog pics. I don't recall any of my friends having Big Jim either. We all had GI Joes & Megos mainly.


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    Big Jim rocks. And the All Star line is a pretty inexpensive line to collect.

    I found it funny that Mattel reused so much stuff from the Big Jim line for Barbie.
    I mean, the camper? Released for Barbie. The lazervette? Molded in pink for Barbie. The muscle arms? Put on Sport & Shave Ken! Yes, it made him look weird, but at least he could hold a racket!

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    I think the the most interesting Re-use of the Big Jim figure was with Grizzly Adams. I have both him and his Indian buddy, Nikoma, still in the box.

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