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Thread: Meanwhile, at Stately Wayne Manor...

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    Meanwhile, at Stately Wayne Manor...

    Make that the "Stately Manor!"

    Got this bad boy last week. Scott Adams, you made a beautiful item here! Every picture on every floor both front and back are great Batman-universe pics! Sliding bookcase, elevator, batcomputer with pockets for pictures (which I need to make yet!), ledges to 'battle' on, the great street scene on the hats off to you! Bravo!

    It's 'back to school week' here for ol' Cadmus Customs (6th grade teacher) so I'm kinda pressed for time...these quick pics are the best I can do right now. I'd love to have set up some funny scenes, and I may soon, but for it is! Stately Cavern...home of the meager (but growing) Cadmus Custom Mego Collection!

    Dida Displays/Scott, again, great job! Well played!


    Took this picture of my 'other hobby'....
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