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Thread: Is this the Trek movie plot? POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!!!

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    Is this the Trek movie plot? POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!!!

    This popped up on today. There are calls to erase it already, and if it is the actual movie plot, I'm sure Paramount will stomp down all over it before long.

    I've copied it in below (in case it gets zapped)...It actually sounds like a plausible story line...and it stays within the lines of whats been established...only venturing out a wee bit.

    Again...if you dont want to know what the plot of the new Trek is (assuming this is it) dont read on any further.

    Heres the original link:

    More Star Trek Footage Described Online |

    This was taken from post #24 by Trekmademewonder.

    The movie opens with Spock STILL on Romulus struggling with old age and his obsession to oversee the reunification Romulus AND Vulcan.

    The now, very much older Spock, is in the agony of losing his mind due to advanced age. Spocks half vulcan/human/romulan family is there trying to assist the now half crazed Spock through his final days. Spock’s son, ‘Christopher,’ tells Spock of a plot of those opposed to reunification (Nero) intend to go back and destroy Kirk on an early academy training mission. That this would put Romulus in the dissident’s hands again.

    Spock, now fully distraught and agonized, uses his remaining strength and mental abilities to transport himself through time (a function of Spock’s own MASTERY of Vulcan power and will.)

    Present Day…

    Kirk is in command of the Enterprise! He is young (a little too young) and in the command chair flirting with a very attractive female cadet. A klaxon is heard and Kirk spins the chair to see a FLEET of romulan ships appearing out of nowhere. Great FX roll on the screen as the Enterprise battles the attacking ships. An emergency hail is heard over the communication channel. It’s the Kobyasimaru. A thrilling sequence wich involve a slick manuever with Kirk ordering the big “E” between the ships of the opposing fleet causing some of them to destroy themselves. The Enterprise escapes with the distressed Kobyasimaru crew, straight off and out into light speed. A hero is made!

    But it’s just a test. The lights come on to reveal a young Spock who is ordering the holodeck simulator switched off. With no emotion Spock orders everyone but Kirk out of the simulator. A brief discusion with Kirk ensues. Kirk admits to changing the simluator - with the assistance of the attractive younger cadet who is watching from the outside of the simulator. But Kirk, triumpantly, and boldly, takes the full blame.

    Young Jim Kirk exits the simulator smiling and takes the hand of a
    cadet assistant (Carol Marcus) and leads her away.

    The younger Spock, hearing his name called, turns only to find his own well worn, time traveled, older self deposited before him on the bridge deck, gasping and reaching up to say something important. But he can’t. The young Spock accomplishes a mind meld that is very powerful and perplexing. The mind meld is partially succesful and leaves the stunned younger Spock a glimpse into his (future) friend’s (Kirk’s???) untimely death. A series of images that are not very clear. The Older Spock then disappears. The explaination is of course that, the future has been changed and older Spock could not have possibly ever done this.

    The future is new again! Or, is it?

    A now much confused Spock must report to Academy Officers and Captain Pike, that his trainees have messed with the simulator.
    A scene that is very somber and ends with Spock under much scrutiny from his Commander.

    The Academy Panel is headed by Christopher Pike, who is very agressive in his questioning of the test. Spock tells Pike that Kirk is not suited for the Enterprise and should be assigned to a ship of lessor importance. But Pike orders Spock to prepare Kirk on his first assignment on the “Enterprise” as his own 1st officer.

    Later in his quarters Spock has a flashback.

    A conversation with Spock’s mother (Amanda) happens and she tells a much, much younger Spock of his true half Vulcan heritage. More is shown of the younger Spock having all the troubles meshing with true Vulcan culture. A depiction of truely LOGICAL Vulcan culture is shown for us onscreen, An AMAZING culture HEAVILY vested in science and technology. So much so, that it reinforces the paradox for Spock who is still so unsure of the apparant “friendship” with a roughshot, womanizing, HUMAN trainnee named Kirk.

    Spock, assisting in simulator design at Star Fleet Academy, considers the recent events, his trainees, the test, and of course the mindmeld. Spock continues to watch over Kirk and company.

    Kirk, in particular, excells through his remaining classes at the Academy. Later, Spock appears before Pike, and through a good bit of logic, forces Pike to admit that Kirk should not be appointed to serve on the Enterprise and that he will assume the first officer assignment himself (in order to ‘protect’ the excelling, but still unfamiliar Kirk, and also possibly stop the time travel plot). Spock suggests to Captain Pike, and the Cadet Review Panel, that Kirk should be assigned, as an Ensign, to a much less pretigous and much older Starship, the Farragut (and old NX class?)
    that is scheduled to leave and on its mission to protect a small
    supply convoy.

    When Kirk receives his final scores which are higher than ANY other student on record at Star Fleet Academy he believes he is sure to get his choice spot as first officer on the (Spock perceived - doomed) starship Enterprise. But Spock confronts Kirk and and reveals he has cancelled Kirk’s plum position on the ‘New’ Starship Enterprise.

    Kirk receives his orders for his new assignment on the Farragut, which will take him away from a now pregnant Carol Marcus. A deeply sad momment for Kirk is depicted as he tells her he must save his career and head out on assignment. To follow his orders and persue to the responsibility that he is assigned. We’ll see each other again.

    Pike and Spock, now on the Enterprise, leave spacedock with the other Star Fleet cadets and crew that we all know. Most are featured. Scotty, Urhura, Sulu, and McCoy, but no Kirk. The new crew head out on thier first adventure. A journey to a planet known as Rigel. The Assignment: The Starship Lexington is missing and the Enterprse crew are to attempt a search and rescue. The Rigel colony is a currently a non-member of the federation but is also close to Romulan territory. Rigel is not much of a threat to most starships in Starfleet. But, Rigel is known to be involved in the Orions’ trading of illegal green slave women. Some of which are also offered to nearby systems and rouge worlds.

    The mission begins very poorly.

    The Enterprise enters Rigel’s orbit and hails for the missing Starship Lexington. No reply. Sensors indicate that there are known ‘Orion’ starships on the planet. The captain and crew beam down. Once on the planet they are immediately fired upon and captured in an intense phaser battle. It goes poorly for the crew as they lose a young yeoman, right before the eyes of Pike and Spock. Spock is injured in the blast and Pike and the rest of the landing party are captured. The Enterprise is also met with a fire. From the Starship Lexington, now in orbit around Rigel, and also from another mysterious spaceship. Scotty orders the Enterprise to retreat out of the system and without the landing party. Captured on the planet Pike must negotiate with a now treasonous captain of the Starship Lexington. His old friend, Captain Garrison.

    Captain Garrison was an excellent officer, but now he apparently delights in many treasures on the planet Rigel (ahh… the green sex slaves.) Captain Garrison tries to conviince Pike of the unlimited power that they could assume with the power of two Starships. But Captain Pike does not buy into Garrisons’ plan. Later Nero makes an appearance in Garrisons quarters and is shown to be locked in a mind meld controlling Garrison’s mind. Later, Pike confronts Garrison, who in his drunken state, tells of the Romulan meld. The mysterious Nero appears again and shoots at Pike with a laser blaster. The fight escallates and Pike is able to steal Garrison’s Phaser. He shoots at Nero but Garrison gets in the way and dies. Nero escapes. Pike then manages to get his crew together and sends a message back to the Enterprise. The rescue is planned well and after another big space battle the Enterprise makes it back to Star Fleet HQ with the recaptured Starship Lexington. Command codes are featured as the primary resolution to the battle. The Romulan ship (with a pheonix brilliantly displayed on the underside) is seen briefly by Pike as it escapes.

    In Sickbay, unconscious, Spock begins having more images surface from the mind meld. One image is of a Romulan Warbird firing its torpedos. The next is Pike near death and burning and Kirk in control. But Spock still is unsure of what is all means. It’s not Logical!

    Now in sickbay, McCoy is agry over having to pull the sheet over the young Yoeman. Spock wakes from his injuries. Spock and McCoy have thier first real meeting. Spock immediately asks Dr. McCoy when the other crewmembers will be ready for duty. Always the antagonist, McCoy asks the unemotional Spock about Vulcans and thier apparant lack of emotion in the face of death. Spock is on a mission of his own now. With the mindmeld flashes more present in his mind he wants to have everyone back in position and ready for an apparant Romulan sneak attack. But he can’t tell McCoy. Its still too illogical.

    Spock meets with Captain Pike later in his quarters. Pike is taking the loss of the young yoeman, and his close friend, very hard. Pike is now talking retirement. Spock who is now suspecting that he also may be to blame suggests to the Captain the the error was all his. Additional information comes in from the remaining crewmembers of the Lexington. It appears that there was an initial attack by an “invisible” Romulan ship that suprised the Lexington and lead to thier initial demise. The coordinates to the initial attack is in the same sector where Kirk is venturing out on his first mission on the Farragut.

    Spock, still fearing for Kirk and Pike’s safety, decides to speak with his Captain and tell him of his own mind meld and of the danger that they are apparently in. Pike orders the Enterprise and Lexington to divert back to Star Fleet for needed repairs. Once back at Starfleet, Pike orders to fill the open positions on the Enterprise. Checkov is assigned at this point on the bridge. Additional crew were lost in the last battle and some of Pike’s crew are to be reassigned to the Lexington to support repair. Another mission is planned by Pike to go back to Rigel and the nearby colonies.

    On the Romulan Ship a discusion is taking place between Nero and his second. Nero asks why they did not suceeded in killing Kirk? Rigel was a perfect trap. All is uncertain now! We must get this new cloaking technology back to Romulos to stregthen out legions.

    Back on the Farragut, Kirk is busy with duties as a weapons officer. In a briefing room the Commander tells his crew (and Kirk) that there is a threat to the Federation near the Nuetral Zone. The smaller Farragut must investigate on thier own, as there is a gap in the Federations defenses. The crew is ordered alert and they warp out. Once the Farragut comes out of warp the crew begins scanning the nuetral zone for activity on the border. Kirk begins scanning all frequencies and spots a much larger ship heading for the neutral zone. Kirk alerts his Captain who decides not to lead the attack before they have the proper support from Starfleet. Kirk begins scanning again and alerts the captain that the strange advanced looking starship is energizing fields around thier ship. Kirk powers up the ships weapons and defenses. Kirk again alerts his captain to regulations, but the captain orders him to stand down the ship’s weapons. The Romulan continues slowly toward the nuetral zone. Kirk performs some additonal scans and watches all his readings carefully. He then quotes another regulation again and reminds the Captain the thier ship will be hard to spot if Enterprsie should arrive. The captain agrees that a secure channel beacon should be established.

    Kirk alerts his captain again and quotes regulations. We must persue that ship before if gets out of sensor range! The captain waits and then orders an open hailing frequency to the strange ship. Once the main viewer comes on the Romulan Captain Nero sees Kirk onscreen. A polite diplomatic exchange is offered, the Romulan captain mentions they are on a standard mapping mission and the transmission is lost. The ship continues slowly on towards the zone. Suddenly, the ship spins and a weapon is launched from the Romulan. The bridge erupts in fire as a plasma blast tears into the Farragut.

    On board the Enterprise Spock is at his sensor station sees the warning beacon and realizes what is transpiring. Spock alerts Pike who doubles the Enterprises speed. At the higher warp we see Scotty in engineering demanding that Pike reduce the ship’s speed (Canna’ do it any longa’ Captain, She’ll blow apart!)

    Back on the Faragut Kirk executes some amazing fire on the Romulan Ship through flames and debris. He one of two left alive on the bridge and is working many controls and stations. Kirk, and a helmsman, manage to steer thier ship into the thick clouds of a giant gaseous planet, therebye obscuring thier location. The Enterprise drops out of warp and begins scanning for federation ships. The Enterprise is unable to find the enemy Romulan ship, but is seeing the federation secure code beacon but is still unable to communicate with the Farragut.

    Pike orders a landing party. Pike, Spock and McCoy beam down to the engineering department to find a wrecked ship and few survivors. They beam over the few left alive and after scanning for more they find life on the bridge and make there way there. Once at the bridge emergency bulkhead, Spock scans to find a rapidly diminishing life support environment. Pike orders Spock to stay with McCoy and ready the Transporters for beamout. Pike enters to save any he can and comes out with the helsman but returns for Kirk. He returns just as the Romulan ship appears on the main screen and fires. Flames and Plasma erupt again thoughout the bridge and Pike is caught inside as the bulkhead slams shut from the distruction. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam out.

    Once on the Enterprise Kirk is revived and Spock tasks to re-energize and save Pike. But alas, he is not soon enough and a badly, badly burned Pike is beamed aboard.

    The Enterprise, now vulnerable without their shields up takes massive hits from the Romulan Ship. Kirk joins Spock on the Bridge and takes position at the weapons consol. He offers a polite excuse to the ensign to move asside as spock looks on with a nod.

    The ship is rocked by another massive hit and Kirk “orders” the bridge crew to dive into the gas giant as it would be a good place for cover as the Enterprise cannot raise shields fast enough. The Enterprise dives into the atmosphere just behind the smoldering Faragut.

    The Warbird withdrawls into space back to Romulus.

    Kirk and Spock have a discusion on board the Enterpise about what to do about the Romulans. It’s you he wants Jim. I know Spock, some how I always knew. I saw the look in his eyes. We have to stop him now.

    After some time passes and through another one of Scotty’s miracles the Enterprises’ engines are reenergized. Kirk ‘recommends,’ to Captain Spock, that they launch sensor probes out of the atmosphere gas giant to get the enemy positions. The sensors return visuals of a massive Romulan fleet comming into position to surround the Gas Giant.

    Kirk comes up with a plan and it is executed. They would use the Faragut’s fading engines to lure in the Romulans closer to the planet. The Romulan ships eventually enter into orbit around the gas giant, by the order of Nero, in an attempt to detstroy both ships and stop any signals from getting out about the invasion.

    The finale erupts!.

    A final scene of the battle is a phaser blasting Enterprise warping around the gas giant shooting at decending Romulans while depositing antimatter warheads in the atmosphere berfore slingshoting out of the Gas Giant, just as the whole thing goes up in a HUGE matter/antimatter explosion. Destroying the whole world as well as the Romulan fleet.


    Medals are given to the crew. A conversation is had between Kirk Spock and McCoy. The whimiscal nature of it makes sense to Kirk and McCoy, but for unemotional Spock he has trouble even understanding why Kirk and McCoy are so happy with what happened. It was all because of you Spock. Cheers!

    We then see Kirk, as captain of the Enterprise, on the bridge with the cast all around, with the crew we all love, going away into deep space on a brand new adventure.

    There is a fade and a reveal . A much older Kirk is watching on as McCoy is treating a now awakening Spock. The camera turns as Kirk pulls a the older smiling Spock up by the hand and back to full conciousness. As the camera pulls back we see they are all back on Vulcan in a hospital room at the present day (post Next Gen). Spocks’ very familiar family all around. Including Scotty and too.

    Fade out.

    End. - The adventure continues.
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    Wow Man....thanks for posting that!! It sounds like a pretty good "re-start"...and a pretty good story!! Now I'm getting excited....I just hope Chris Pine can pull off a good Cpt.Kirk!

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    Awesome read...I didnt want to read it but I had to....
    Now I must watch it for sure!!!!
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    I like how they are handling that fact that...even though Kirk outscored everyone at the Academy, and has earned the the position of first Officer of the Enterprise(and Pike wants Him)...Spock talks Pike out it(to ptotect Kirk...knowing of the Romulan Plot to Kill Him)...thus Spock becomes 1st Officer of the Enterprise, under Cpt. Pike....keeping with the original Continuity of TOS.

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    Ok I admit if he made that up that is pretty good with the exception of "Spock, now fully distraught and agonized, uses his remaining strength and mental abilities to transport himself through time (a function of Spock’s own MASTERY of Vulcan power and will.) I really hope that part is not legit. If you look down a couple of posts it seems this is debunked.

    How does Kirk leapfrog Spock to be Captain of the Enterprise? Some of the stuff mentioned in this doesn't make too much sense if they are following established canon.
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    I have a feeling this is another one of those things delibratly put out to throw people like us off the real story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfie View Post
    I have a feeling this is another one of those things delibratly put out to throw people like us off the real story.

    Could be? But sometimes the Studio purposely leeks the gauge what the Fans think of it...and what their reaction might be?

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    Its still up, so I figure its got to be a fake...unless Paramounts lawyers dont work weekends

    It is a cool story though that ties in a lot of canon stuff. No mention of Gary Mitchell unfortunately, and I cant say I'm too fond of how the classic crew is thrown together so quickly, and Kirk makes Captain almost instantly.

    I do like the implies Shatner does make an appearance, as has been continously rumored despite all denials from Shatner and the filmmakers. Of course, Pine could be playing the role, wearing makeup, as I assume they will do with McCoy and Scotty (although it would be great to see the original cast...maybe even in CGI!?).
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    MAN. . .I HATE YOU. . .I want to read your post. . .UGGHH. . .MUST RESIST. . .(heard in dim Echo. . ."Rersistance is futile"). . . NO. . .I am resisting. . . for the moment. . .but I really want to read it. . . how could you PUT ME. . . in this DILEMA. . . .you're a BARSTOOL. . . arrrggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    If that IS the actual story it's not too bad. I still wish they'd do, you know.... something NEW; but this one doesn't ream the old continuity too bad. The only real errors:

    -McCoy wouldn't be on the Enterprise yet. It'd be that old guy.
    -Spocks human/vulcan/ROMULAN family?!?! Did I miss something?

    Don C.

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