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Thread: Ya can't Beat the Meet (a thanks post)

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    Ya can't Beat the Meet (a thanks post)

    Back at home and tired beyond belief… yet I had such a great first time at MEGO MEET, that I am not even sure where to start…

    What a great bunch of people, Dave and Chris and all who put this together just did a fantastic job, it moved along nicely and never seemed forced… organized yet awesomely informal… KUDOS to you sirs…. (Now I sound like Art). Speaking of Art (Mego Milk), what a great guy! Thanks for the sketch my little girl loves it, and thanks for classin’ up the joint a little (not much mind ya). Keeping it all in the family the Franklins (Earth2Chris and clan), sure made me feel right at home and miss my girls at the same time. What an amazingly talented artist Chris is, we couldn’t have asked for a better art direction for our toys… For pure entertainment value though you can’t beat AUSTIN HOUGH! I’M AUSTIN HOUGH GIVE ME THAT BABY! Larger than life with a heart like a Viking this guy is just a character. Thanks for the laughs big guy. I also got to meet Jim Hampton for the first time ever after many years of internet friendship… wow what a great guy he is and as advertised, thanks for the Sheriff figure Jimbo, it’s awesome. Ed Nagy rounded out the Hugh Asnen appreciation society quite nicely and it was great to see him again after 4 years and his very understanding daughter was also very nice, just good people… I didn’t buy much this time around, but I did pick up 1.5 of Paul Clare’s Mystery Grab bags (Jason and I split one). This was the best deal of the show IMHO, thanks for offering those Paul and hosting the suite again, class act bruther! Good to see Brian Leitner again as well, and to be able to thank him in person for his awesome needle work on our prototype outfits, thanks Brian. I was blown away, as usual, at the level of talent and professionalism in our hobby, and Scott Adams had no shortage in either department, the DIDA playsets are just incredible and I am excited to get my mitts on these. Though, I have to say I’ll probably stick with Beer and leave to produce to the Californian’s. The Customs were just fantastic as usual and I was just glad to be in the same room with these guys. John Farley’s figures were off the chain and just knowing he makes them from scratch makes me want to cry and sing at the same time. Way to EXECUTE JF!

    I know I am leaving out folks, like Len who is one of the only other guy on the planet who like’s TONG/PACO/DST and other various knock offs more than I do (still not as much as Jason though), or Paul Riggs who help clean up our table in the end, and Stephen Moore who never fails to crack me up, or Derek Combs with his great demeanor… Like I said I am tired and I can’t even remember everybody and I if I left you out I apologize, because without exception everyone I talked to was cool and super nice. It was just a great time and I for one really appreciate all the support and kind words you all had for us. Special thanks again to Davey Mac, a dang fine individual in my summation, and responsible for making this a special occasion for me to attend! Big ups to “B” the Museum heart and face for this as well… and to all who attended and made it on heck of a worthwhile trip!

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    Great to finally meet you Dave. I hope to see you(and everyone else!) there next year!
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    Hey Dave -

    great getting to meet the real, live you and Jason (gaga4toyz). Being on the custom panel with you, Jim, and Ed Nagy will be a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life.

    Looking forward to your site opening with the cool stuff you will have for sale.


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    Great to see you and Jason at the Meet.

    If there is one thing you better remember from it, remember this: "I am AUSTIN HOUGH and you will do my bidding!" LOL

    Art, Kolin and I were laughing our behinds off the whole way home saying that.



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