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Thread: 50th Anniversary DC figures in stock on

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    50th Anniversary DC figures in stock on

    My fellow Canadians ( Brian) has Flash and Aquaman in stock and ready for delivery

    GL was available earlier and should be back in stock soon. Also at $20 CAD they’re a great deal

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    If u watch prices, then all reach $20 eventually. I've gotten a Supe and RC Bats for $20 so far.
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    When I looked, last night, aquaman was 37 and gl was available for 20 maybe not all from Mego corp

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    When I included the links both figures were in stock, as well as GL, for approximately $20. I assume that these prices will go up the way most of the more recent Mego prices have on

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    I just got back from local Walmart here in central Cali and they had boxed figures of Green Lantern , Flash, Shazam and Aquaman 8" mego 50 th in the electronics dept.

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    As of today all of the 50th anniversary figures minus shazam and green arrow and Batman are in stock at Batman is supposed to be in stock on April 7. Best part is that these continue to be $19.99 CAD

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    Please be aware that US Amazon's shipping practices are god awful now. I received two 50th Anniversary Megos and sent them both back. One box was damaged, and another had a hole through it. No packing material at all.

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    Luckily the figures being sent out from the Canadian Amazon site come individually wrapped in a plastic bag similar to a comic book bag, I’ve purchased several with no box damage. Since they are presently priced at $19.99 IN CAD, which I believe is the same price as US stores are charging. US customers might benefit from shopping on the Canadian site

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    Amazon is using third party sellers on some stuff with higher prices . I got my order for blue Mcfarlane Batman cancelled when it was supposed to be delivered because they hads too many pre orders .

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    I just got the Superman, Aquaman, Robin and Flash (Batman is a bit tardy) figures from, and they all seem fine. I haven’t taken them out of their boxes yet to see if there are any disjointed limbs, but so far so good. They came together in a single cardboard box with one protective bubble thing, plus each of the boxes had an additional outer wrapping (similar to a comic book bag, as noted above.)

    P.S.: They also have a bilingual English/French sticker warning of the possible choking hazard. That is the only noticeable Canadian thing about them.
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