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Thread: Star Trek Picard Season 3 TRAILER

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sideshow Spock View Post
    Yeah, that sums it up nicely me for too.

    Kudos to Matalas (who got a whole sector named for him ) for getting the band back together and knowing that a certain level of Berman Trek was necessary to make it work.. and for rinsing much of the bad taste of Kurtzman Trek out of our mouths
    The thing about Berman is he worked under Gene, and took Gene’s vision seriously throughout his entire tenure. Berman’s mistakes were honest mistakes. The problem with Bad Reboot and Klutzman Trek is that none of the did or do understand Star Trek, and never had any intention of creating something that stayed true to Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

    JarJar Abrams admitted he’d never watch Star Trek and knew nothing about it. Which is fine. There are many great writers and directors who have worked on the show that didn’t know it. But the show runners always did know Trek, and had story bibles to make sure everyone was on the same page.

    Not so with everything post-Berman. What we have now is a mishmash of ideas, most of them bad, with no unifying theme or message, stained with the cynicism and petty politics of current year.

    For a lot of people this season of Picard has been magical. I’m glad, and while I didn’t enjoy it, I can certainly agree it’s been the best thing NuTrek has put out so far.

    It’s just my opinion, of course, but I think NuTrek would be in an even better position if all the shows had hewn even closer to Berman-era Trek, both in terms of storytelling and visuals. These season long mystery box stories just don’t work very well most of the time.

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    Did everyone stick around for the mid-credits stinger?

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    yup. sets up the next show or P+ movie if that is how they take it

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    As a series, Picard was a mixed bag. But they really stuck the landing with it. The finale was all I had hoped it could be, with a solid plot resolution and all kinds of feels. I'm sure many will pick at it, but I found it to be an entertaining and satisfying conclusion to the TNG story arc that had always felt undone before. The conclusion also does a nice job of setting up future Trek should Paramount go in that direction.

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