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Thread: Trying something a bit different for Eddore of Tront

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    Trying something a bit different for Eddore of Tront

    Eddore is basically the answer to the question, "What if an amoeba was a Green Lantern?" Thus, he makes for a challenge as far as an action figure goes. I'm going to try something different here, making him Mego scale and posable, hopefully. I worked up this on Photoshop:
    eddore copy.jpg

    to print out out on the printable cotton material I have. I cut the two halves out, sew them together, fit a wire armature inside, and then stuff it using cotton balls (that'll make it look kinda lumpy from past experience). I could sculpt something from Apoxy Sculpt, but that would majorly limit any potential posability. Just have to make sure it's in proper scale with the Mego figures and hope it doesn't look goofy...
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