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Thread: Superman & Lois: sseason 3

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    CW got bought by right-wing christian group who wants to go back to reality type shows because it's cheaper and does not want to promote any queer related shows.
    Well, if that's true, they might want to check their ads on the CW streaming app. When we watch it, a LOT of the ads are clearly aimed at gay viewers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monitor_ep View Post
    During interviews people keep asking him if they were going to follow the comic books and introduces Jon Kents byfriend and he keep saying this is the mutliverse and we are not following the comic books.
    It isn't the same as the comic book, at all. In the comics, Superman has ONE son, not twins. That immediately separated this from the comics. Why would they not follow the comics from episode one, and then cover the comics? That makes no sense. You'd have to kill off Jordan, by retconning him out of existence.

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