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    Trading Card Trading card program

    I was wondering what's the best and easiest program to use to make my own trading cards?What type of material can I print them on and where can I get the program and the trading card stock?I use to have a program called make/create your own trading cards program and you could make either sports or non sports trading cards and it came with trading card stock.I can't find it anywhere anymore not even on ebay.I noticed that members make their own and I want to make some for the superheroes and villians for characters that I created for a comic book that I'm in the process of making.I already have some of the heroes made into Mego style figures and I want to have some cards to go with the figures plus I want to give some of the cards to the grandkids to remember PeePaw by(that's what they call me).Any help and tutorials anybody can give me would be greatly appreciated and thanks.

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    I would suggest you contact plaid stallions and see if he can help.

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    I use the Adobe suite - Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. I get them printed at a local print shop. He uses his digital press with 130# cover stock, I think. Whatever is the heaviest stock he can print on.

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