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Thread: FTC and DC status?

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    FTC and DC status?

    I was just wondering, what is up with FTC and the DC license? Are they still allowed to do characters or is DC now just from Mego? I know Constantine and Sandman and Watchmen were in the plans but haven't seen any info in a very long time.

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    they seem to be focusing on customizing bits, Three Stooges and Scooby Doo of late.
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    I think the last DC figure they announced was Kid Devil. They still have a niche with such lesser known characters and variants Mego wouldn't be interested in making for mass market. I doubt Mego would go for Filmation specific versions of the Bat characters even though it is Batman related.

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    No one knows and unless someone from FTC comes in to say, we'll never know the exact story, more than likely.

    Mego has been making DC figures for a while and FTC has continued to produce DC stuff during that time.

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    We are in time now where Licenses are shared.

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    Well Deadman was shown) so doing DC seems to be ok there.)

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