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Thread: My Favorite "Horse"

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    My Favorite "Horse"

    Not sure if this is the proper area on the forums.

    Andromeda is still my favorite toy horse of all time!

    More here: mail-call-mego-micronauts-andromeda

    Do you have a favorite?

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    I agree! It is such a fun toy with the magnets and missiles. And then turning it into a centaur is just brilliant!

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    It looks great, I always wanted one when I had a childhood Baron Karza.
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    Karza is on my radar. If my fortunes turn, I'll be picking one up.

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    My favorite toy horse no questions asked is Gabriel's Lone Ranger's Silver. And he was a toy I had for a very long time since I got it (and the lone ranger) on my third birthday in 1ndiana in 1974.Also one of earliest kid memories I have still today. I still remember the light and dark green tissue paper it was wrapped in.

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    All fine steeds, no doubt.

    I also rate Pegasus highly from Mattel's Clash of the Titans line.

    And I always wanted the Arabian Horse from Kenner's The Adventures of Indiana Jones line.

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    I was I huge fan of the original silver from the lone ranger line, as well as the 4" versions that came from the legend of the lone ranger movie
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