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Thread: We bought a Hulk

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    We bought a Hulk

    Well, actually a couple.
    I never liked the height of Hulk in his ď8 inchĒ scale, I thought he should be taller (was it the cost of plastic?) so I never bothered. I saw the larger bodies and the articulated bodies online, and bought a decent OG Hulk figure and a new body. Well, unless itís Lou Ferigno (whom I understand is shorter) itís still too small.
    Bring on the 12Ē. Even that is an overstatement, heís 11 1/2 too. Why the diminutive height. I think itís closer to his comic roots size, I makes him 8-9í tall.
    He had overstretched elastics and was naked and dirty. I bought O-rings, and theyíre perfect. Iíve been cleaning him with peroxide, itís doing a job.
    Do you think I should soak him in peroxide, who knows whatís inside him, even his arms and legsÖ I assume removing the o-rings is best. I was going to buy black pants, with the elastics, but forgot where they are from.

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    Agreed that the 12" fits in well with the 8" Mego Marvels. Have it setup.that way.

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    I always liked the Famous Covers Hulk with the Mego Marvels. If you could mount the vintage head to the toy biz body I think that would be perfect.

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    Oh wow, toy biz sounds interesting… I finally put the head on the taller body, I’m not bad with the colouring. I could use some constructive criticism about the arms…
    His shoulders are out too far, and either too tight or too loose. What if I were to increase the arm holes, to bring them in a bit? They are ok(ish) with a shirt/fur costume.
    He’s kinda doing the Fortnight dance, if I’m honest
    Im referring to 8” new body. Was famous covers 8” plus.
    I put a Neptunian on the old body, need a costume and elbow pins at some point.
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