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Thread: Hugh's getting his claws back

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    Ryan is just happy he is getting a third movie that was planned before the takeover. It seems ever 'mutant' appearance can be one linked to other races in the Marvel universe (Inhumans, Externals, Olympians, Asgardians, Kree, Skrulls). Kevin Fiege is in real life Watcher of the Marvel life action universe and that now includes what is left of the Fox Mutant titles.

    This is my opinion but the script was done but got caught up in the buyout so Marvel knows the Deadpool franchise was one of the best of the mutant movies so they are going to let them go ahead with it to give it a proper sending off. Now this doesn't mean that Ryan Reynalds could show up in the MCU as Deadpool once they figure out how to incorporate the mutants.
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    Jackman released some shots of himself in the gym getting into Wolverine shape. guess that means more than a cameo as he would not likely spend weeks in the gym just for a cameo

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