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Thread: FOR SALE OR TRADE: Big Jim 004 Prof. Obb and Secret Headquarters

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    FS FOR SALE OR TRADE: Big Jim 004 Prof. Obb and Secret Headquarters

    For sale or trade, rare European Big Jim toys:

    *004 Prof. Obb-- NM with all accessories in opened C8 flapped window box. Pg. 265 in Pascal Pinteu's Big Jim book. $150.00 OBO

    *004 Secret HQ--(Barbie dreamhouse format) NM, complete and unassembled in open C8.5 box. Large & heavy item, pg. 268 in Pinteau. $210.00 OBO

    Actually, I'd like to trade both for a boxed or NM Dr. Steele, preferably first-issue. Both of these items blend well with Big Jim PACK

    Shipping of your choice is additional.

    Thank you,

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