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Thread: MCU Secret Identities custom 3d printed heads

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    MCU Secret Identities custom 3d printed heads

    Introducing sprytoy, my little venture for providing custom toy parts for the customizing community!

    Every 3 months, I will offer a new, limited edition wave of parts. Once I hit capacity, I will stop accepting additional orders. These items will go "back in the vault" and won't be offered again for quite some time.

    The first wave will be MCU* Secret Identities.

    6 heads are offered: African King, Textbook Narcissist, Norse God, Friendly Neighborhood Kid, Kid from Brooklyn, and Peculiar Doctor.

    Note: above images are 3d rendering prototypes with a virtual paint job.


    $20 per unpainted head... or $40/3 unpainted heads.


    If you are interested in having your heads painted, I am collaborating with a fantastic professional miniature painter. 3 levels of painting are offered (as seen below):

    Base (+$25/head)
    The head is painted with minimal variations in colors, giving it a "toyetic" quality.

    Advanced (+$50/head)
    The head is painted with advanced highlighting and shading, giving it a "realistic" quality.

    Masterpiece (+$100/head)
    The head is painted with incredible detail for a one-of-a-kind work of art.


    Shipping on any order within the USA will be $10.

    Items will be shipped out in a timely fashion. However, remember these are custom items. Please allow time for printing (and especially painting, when applicable).


    Wave 1 is capped at 30 heads. Based on initial interest I have received, I would recommend getting your orders in early... but this is my first offering, so who knows!


    All heads are high-resolution 3d prints.

    You will receive your unpainted head in a skin-tone appropriate shade of resin.

    The neckplug is designed to fit snugly in a Type S body with no modifications.

    If you plan to use your head with a different type of body, you may need to sand down the neckplug (or put a few wraps of tape around the plug).

    Ordering and Questions

    If you would like to order or have any additional questions.

    Email me at
    Or you can always PM me on the Mego Museum forums.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    * MCU = Mego Customizing Upgrade (What did you think it stood for?)

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    Everything looks great!
    "Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?"

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