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Thread: Grim Reaper Re-Do

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    Grim Reaper Re-Do

    I was excited for the new Grim Reaper but not willing to spend on the exclusive Topps version with the black cloth. But wow that standard red version, all I see is death himself dressed ready for a trip to the Wookiee planet for Life Day. Regardless of the color, you get a straight one piece stick scythe and a two-piece spandex outfit. Somehow Mego has perfectly miniaturized a terrible Halloween costume.

    The mego standard human male hands and feet come sponge painted black. This is an effective technique on the white plastic body, for a charred look. With a little imagination and blurred vision they might even look like bones. Enter my latest disappointment with my second Classic TV Toys order. Ready to compliment them on the incredible value of the 8” skeleton, I found the one that arrived with my order had seized joints due to an excess of glue used in its construction. Fortunately the skeleton hands were a straight swap. But I had to completely modify the feet and build the connecting material on either side from an epoxy clay. They were all painted white to match the existing body and given a black wash to match the head. The teeth are now hand painted also. I cut the scythe blade from the plastic stick, shortened the cylinder and drilled it out to receive a real wood handle. A friend of mine was after an all grey body for a custom project of his own so we split the cost of the Hammer plague zombie. This outfit is much more suited for the Reaper than his own spandex duds. I cut off the hem at the bottom of the skirt and matched the frayed edge of to the rest of the factory cuts. Wish I had some extra matching material to replace the collar with a proper hood bit for now I’m calling this one done.

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    WOW that turned out great. I may borrow the idea...
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    Go for it! Might be easier to just use the entire skeleton body instead. I was trying to keep the Mego soul with this custom. Seemed to me they have multiple creature and monster hands/feet toolings. If anyone deserved an upgrade to skeleton fingers and toes, it’s the Grim Reaper.

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    Very nice job on him.

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    Yeah, dig the Euro-classic-cinema vibe!

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    Thanks for the positive feedback. Wish I had drilled out more of the skeleton feet before fabricating the mounting points, but I do like him taller than the rest of my lineup. Be warned the Figures Toy Company skeleton is made from a plastic that is not flexible. The thumb on the right hand had to be repositioned to hold the accessory. Speaking of, considering adding a miniature brass hourglass on a chain.

    I think new Mego could still take theirs further. It would appear their generic monsters are among the most the valuable. I’d love to see their first mummy with the jar or even the headless horseman made again maybe in new color combinations. Hoping to see the Reaper again in any wave but be really could benefit from some easy changes.

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    Very cool! I love the paintjob.

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