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Thread: Playmates Star Trek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mego-Amigo View Post
    They are a bit taller than the original ones. There are several reviews on YouTube that show comparisons. The thing I'm liking about them is that they actually feel like toys. I enjoy several of the super articulated highly detailed collector lines but it's nice to have action figure lines again that just feel like toys we would have bought back in the day. These along with MOTU Origins and the new Super Powers give me that feeling. I hope they go really deep with TOS on these.
    I agree 100%. I hope this line lasts as well, but it is a worry that the first wave has all heavy hitters and no aliens or guest stars. I hope that it doesn't peter out after two waves.

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    I bought the Enterprise today at Target($39.99). Very nice toy replica with a nice heft. The light up and sound effects are fine but nothing amazing for a playmates toy.

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    Saw Spock,Khan, the Enterprise and the Type 2 Phaser at Walmart today. Each figure has a designated peg but there were no Kirks.

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    I saw the entire line of figures at a Target today. Overall, the sculpts' and likeness to the actors are not so good (IMO). This is disappointing. Looking forward to the Enterprise toy.

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