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Thread: Playmates Star Trek

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    May 15, 2009
    These look solid.

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    Spock's radiation glove left hand makes me think he's wearing one of those foam "We're No. 1!" hands.


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    I found all three of the 40th WOK figures this past weekend at Target. They also had TNG Picard, the two Discovery figures and TOS Enterprise.

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    I received Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock (with the Hamburger Helper Hand) from Amazon. Not sure how deep I will go on this line, but I like the two I have so far!

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    At Target, are they in the regular action figure aisle or in the collector's aisle with like the Neca stuff?

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    All the stuff I found was in the collector aisle.

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    Sep 15, 2014
    I saw Data today at the local Meijer. They are kinda neat. Not for me, but I hope they find their footing.

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    I loved the original line, so many characters and so TOYLIKE, plus some great ships and playsets ect. I seem to have read that these are slightly bigger than the previous line, but BBTS also said the new Super Powers were 5 inch and they are not or at least not enough to look out of place alongside the old ones. Anyone who has them in hand know if they are sized like the old ones?

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    They are a bit taller than the original ones. There are several reviews on YouTube that show comparisons. The thing I'm liking about them is that they actually feel like toys. I enjoy several of the super articulated highly detailed collector lines but it's nice to have action figure lines again that just feel like toys we would have bought back in the day. These along with MOTU Origins and the new Super Powers give me that feeling. I hope they go really deep with TOS on these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mego-Amigo View Post
    They are a bit taller than the original ones. There are several reviews on YouTube that show comparisons.
    Here's one:

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