After sharing that damaged vintage boxed Phantom a few days ago it reminded me of a Silver Streak that was similar.

So back in 2000 I bought a Silver Streak. The shipper use USPS. Upon opening it I found what you see below. Basically the entire front of the SS was destroyed. I was not happy obviously.

I used my video camera to send pictures to the seller, so what you see isn't that great. The seller had put insurance on it, I don't remember how much I paid for it, but it wasn't free. The boxed wasn't damaged, but the seller didn't do a good job packaging it.

Sadly, USPS wouldn't cover the damage and pay up unless I gave it back to them, and they told me they would be destroying it and throwing it away. I was pretty conflicted since well, it's a Silver Streak but also didn't want to not get my money back. I ended up stripping a few things off it and then turned it in. So the damaged one below is forever gone...

Here's those two pictures. I've had a few SS's over the years, and have two now. One loose one and the boxed one pictured below I got from the original owner family.