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Thread: A Quick Fix for Loose Waist and Legs on the New Body

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    Quote Originally Posted by LonnieFisher View Post
    It works be squirting superglue into the joint and moving the parts until the superglue sets and it builds up in the space and tightens the joint. It's been used for loose action figure joints for a long time. It works really well. As long as you move the joint until the glue is fully cured it won't glue it together. It's done with the runny kind, not the gel, because the gel doesn't get into the joint very well. I've done it to a few action figures before.

    That probably would work with the legs, but I'm not sure about the waist. It's a big gap there and the waist joint seems like it could break if moved often while the glue is curing. I like filling that gap with the soft tape since it seems to provide some support for the waist joint and then the O rings provide extra reinforcement to hold everything together. It seems like the O ring/tape method would be safer too and can easily be redone if you don't get it right. Let me know how the superglue method works if you decide to try it.

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    I used the super glue once on a Marvel Legend figure. It worked ok but in about a year, the joint broke where I used the super glue. I think it made the plastic brittle. I like the O-rings idea much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LonnieFisher View Post
    I'm thinking it would work on the waist with no problem. Same as any other joint.
    There's a LOT of space in that waist joint. I think the fragility of it is the bigger issue.
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    Seems like you could also use a series of O-rings, or even a single large silicone ring and avoid the whole tape/glue component.

    Having merged a few NECA x Mego customs in the past, I'm kinda looking forward to sacrificing one of these to full dissection to see how a torso swap could work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderbolt View Post
    you put superglue at the joint and continue to work the joint so it doesn't freeze up till the superglue cures and takes up the gap/creates friction at the joint. Might work on the legs but probably not the waist
    I tried it today and it does work for the waist joint. So happy it worked. The one Topps figure I opened was super floppy at the waist.

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