I am needing the PS #30 Alien and #31 Slade. I need the Slime Sticker as well. If there is a Wizard of Oz Checklist made I will need it too.

Is there a list of the other sets like MEGOCISPA, MEGOPOPY, AZRAHHAMWAY, LINCOLNMONSTERS, TOMLAND, FOREIGN MEGO or any Special stickers or Single Cards kinda like the SuperObama, Mandarin, Phantom etc?

Is there an updated list of all the cards in the MM?

Here are the last of the trade cards I have if anyone has the above mentioned: MM: 14(2), 16, 21, 23, 67, 72, 75 and 80(2). PS:07(2), 34, 38. MegoCipsa MC1 Soldado Ursus

Thank You in advance!