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Thread: 1975 Excel Toys Catalog Legends of the West- Military Legends

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    Plaid Stallions 1975 Excel Toys Catalog Legends of the West- Military Legends

    Excel Toys was yet another of those toy companies that mainly existed to serve the dime store and discount chains in the 1970s. Although they also seemed to be catering to the gift shop industry as well. Their main output tended to be action figures with a quality very similar to what Mego was doing. […]
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    Especially considering they were aiming for a dime store market, Excel did a great job with these lines (and the Grant and Lee work fairly well with the western line anyway). The LOTW stand up well next to Gabriel's Lone Ranger line, just as, a few years later, I played with the 3.5" Legends of the Lone Ranger--and later Gabriel's Zorro--alongside Empire's Legends of the West. I personally loved the line, especially the smaller version. When Empire took over (and there is some overlap in the years that Excel was still making toys but Empire added the line, so I've always been curious about that), it really expanded. Excel's Little Legends of the West couldn't bend at the knee (although they were well made figures, they were limited in stance and poseability), so Empire allowed the introduction of horses (always good for a cowboy line), the (very rare) Frontier Town, and the many great wagons. The box art alone for these sets was gorgeous. I have tracked down a couple of the Excel playsets, and they are pretty cool. They were especially economical as three packs of figures for the time.

    As I also commented on a FB post, I also think the original Excel line is surprisingly progressive. As a western line, it's not surprising to feature Native characters, but it has both male and female in it (Cochise might make more sense than Pocahontas, but still), and there were four women overall, plus, as you point out, Deadwood Dick struck quite a chord.
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    I don't think I've ever seen any of these in person, and honestly I haven't seen much online about them either. I really need to look into these, considering how much I love Gabriel's Lone Ranger output.

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    It's a pleasure to see these, it's much more expansive that I could he guessed from browsing ebay, I wasn't sure of the scale and did not know of female figure.

    I've always wanted to customize an Annie Oakley, now I can research Excel's version.
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    Kids need toys like these today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earth 2 Chris View Post
    I don't think I've ever seen any of these in person,
    Same, I've only seen these in pictures.
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    I have never heard of this line, but I was 4 years old when they came out. If I had seen them when I was playing with figures I would have thought I would have picked up some. I did use AJ Cowboy as Shame so one would think I would have used the Cowgirls as his molls.
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    Deadwood Dick was a literary character of the time, but the real life man was Nat Love. He claimed he got the nickname from the literary character in the dime novels. I looked up the box for these and the packaging for his figure explains a little of Nat Love's real story (and gives his real name) but doesn't mention the literary character as the origin point. The box does say the nickname was given "after winning a great many shooting contests", but his biography says it was after winning a rodeo competition in Deadwood on July 4th, 1876. (not that I look for historical accuracy, just though the real story was a wee bit cooler)

    Very cool line all around and I wish I would have seen these as a kid so I wouldn't have had to mix The Lone Ranger with Johnny West. These would have been far cooler than that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Makernaut View Post
    I wish I would have seen these as a kid so I wouldn't have had to mix The Lone Ranger with Johnny West.
    I did that too...

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