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Thread: McFarlane doing Super Powers?

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    Jul 10, 2012
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    I just opened the Supermobile and Superman... fun, fun toys. I love the design on the Supermobile, but it makes me appreciate the more compact Batwing a little more.

    I had not really looked at the figures much. I opened Batman and immediately stuck him into the Batwing. With Superman though, I started fidgeting with him and he is a great little figure. I think these are a nice alternative to the DC Spin Masters toys and fits in well with the retro 5" and smaller toy craze we are living in right now.

    I am looking forward to finding Green Lantern and The Flash.

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    Jul 14, 2003
    Check your Batwings. The canopy hinge is probably already broken.
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    Found the Super Powers shipper today! Grabbed the JS Green Lantern. Now I have everything except Flash and that one figure which shall not be named.

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    You guys are lucky that you can find them at a Walmarts. I don't have one that close to me; so, a friend of mine has been gracious enough to pick them up for me. LOL...he's two states away! I'm still missing the flash and green lantern.

    BEWARE if you order them directly from Walmart: they do not pack very well. ie my Batman was just put into a plastic mailer! I can't believe the card didn't get damaged enroute to me. I've also had my Supermobile order cancelled on me by Walmart; so, not a great online shopping experience at all.


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    Just saw these at Walmart. Not quite my thing, but they look great. The Supermobile was extremely tempting.

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    May 15, 2009
    If anyone needs a Darkseid, I ended up with an extra. Will sell for $10 plus exact shipping to wherever you are. Will be a nice card not a mangled one like Walmart lol.

    Just trying to help anyone who can’t get one and I don’t need a second one but got it gifted.

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    I check how they are selling at different Walmarts by me. Some stores they are stocked plenty other stores empty or not much product on shelves. Keeping my eyes peeled for the Flash and Laughing Batman. I know TBWL isn't a popular choice but I remember thinking at 14 years old Darkseid and his henchmen was odd to see, over villian characters like Riddler,Captain Boomerang or Bizarro

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    Jul 22, 2015
    My local Walmart finally got the big display so they now have plenty of the figures and the two vehicles. I was excited to finally find the Batwing, but they have now raised the price on it to $29.97 so I took a hard pass. Raising it $10 while the canopy issue is ongoing seems a bit too grabby. I'm content only having the Supermobile, for now.

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    listings for a wave 3 including

    Judas Contract Deathstroke
    Rebirth Wonder Woman
    Hush Nightwing

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    It's nice that a female character is being added. Todd's pretty down on them.
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