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Yeah I cited the wrong one, it was the 1995 12" Hall of Fame line, a while ago but it's an awfully stiff low articulation body compared to any other GI Joe I'd seen. Guessing they were trying to save on tooling and parts cost for what they assumed would only be displayed MIB rather than posed or played with ever.

Wasn't trying to touch a nerve with that, mainly just listing examples of approximations that fell short of originals. Like NuMego using O-rings despite originals using a specific band type, where you wonder if they even make those bands anymore and if they do why aren't they inside NuMego.
Happens a lot with vintage product recreations where often one or more part can't be made anymore, they don't use the same plastic tolerances, nobody still makes that computer chip, no new Vacuum fluorescent displays, the paint changed, or the computer assisted modeling lacks definition compared to wax sculpts. That's what makes Mego's switch to bandless bodies such a wise one Ie. roll with the punches.
Oh no worries and no nerves touched! You're right I forgot about those wonky HOF figs. I was just chiming in because those later Joe re-releases are underrated!