I was looking at some of my costumes that I've put on the dolls and am amazed that any of loose stuff we see for sale is in decent shape. In the old days, I used to attempt to buy beat up boxed items or costumes that were on cards so that I could rip them open and put them on dolls.....very carefully. That's a little harder to do now (just about impossible); so, we are left to buy "loose" stuff. I can't believe any of this stuff survived because if it was played with as intended, there's really no way the costumes would survive. Imagine throwing the good captain up in the air 50 times in one day trying to get that parachute to actually work. Or rolling the good captain down the street in the Silver Streak chasing Dr Evil around. BAM! windshield gone in one session...LOL.

The same goes for Matt Mason with the bendy wires always breaking in the ones that I had. Ah...the good ole' days!