I'm looking for:
Planet of the Apes checklist
Astronaut x2
General Ursus x2
Soldier Ape (silver) x2
Soldier Ape (brown)x2
Soldier Ape (blue) x2
Alan Verdon
General Urko x2
Zira x2
Zaius x2
Cornelius x2

I have these for trade:
WGSH checklist (1-38)
Legendary Heroes & Monsters checklist (66-90)
11. Catwoman
14. Green Arrow
16. Robin
18. Lizard
23. Supergirl (not the Jet Jungle error card)
24. Human Torch
31. Kid Flash
39. Captain Kirk
40. Mr. Spock
44. Klingon
66. Red Dracula
67. Blue Frankenstein
69. Frankenstein
71. Wolfman
Plaid Stallions 8. Super Joe vs. Terron